Clean Skincare Guaranteed to Make You Glow

Nuria offers effective, plant-based skincare designed to help you look healthier and brighter. Featured in PopSugar, Refinery29, Brit + Co, and Elite Daily, our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and have money back guarantee. Orders over $99 ship free.

Plus, Nuria, meaning brightness or light, donates a portion of every sale to girls’ education, so you help more than your skin with each purchase.

Celebrate and Support Women with these Gift Sets

These sets honor the beauty wisdom of the globe AND support the future of women everywhere with the gift of education. All proceeds will be donated to She’s the First.

    Shop the Global Beauty Wisdom Set

    Celebrate International Women’s Day with this limited edition set that leverages global beauty knowledge to help your skin glow.

    Shop the Mini Brights™ Set

    Indulge your winter skin with these small, but mighty skin favorites that can travel anywhere.

Proven Beauty Wisdom Curated for Your Best Skin

For centuries, women around the world have developed beauty rituals using local, natural ingredients to help their skin look and feel its best.

Curated from these regional rituals by skincare experts, Nuria products are infused with plant-based ingredients to keep your skin beautiful and glowing.

Our Products are Designed for Your Transition Skin

Transition skin is that challenging combination of hormones, stress, acne, and environmental aging. We’ve got your back with clean, effective products that can help!

    Your Support Will Empower the Female Leaders of Tomorrow

    Nuria contributes a portion of sales to She’s the First, a non-profit organization that fights gender inequality through education.

    When women are educated, families thrive, communities flourish, and economies grow: When a girl graduates high school, she is more likely to have fewer, healthier children, delay marriage, and make 20% more per year of schooling.

    Learn more about She’s the First and how to find your role in the movement for education for girls worldwide.